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The Statting-method





Vision and Mission


There is an abundance of data that awaits the proper analysis. Every second millions of bytes are gathered around the world. Statting offers companies and public services the assistance to manage and analyse their data to make decisions as accurate as possible. The art of making these decisions in an approriate and efficient way is called statistics, and we do love statistics. It enables us to understand and make decisions on the impact of events that are part of our actual reality (such as medication or apps constructed with the aim to improve health), but at the same time it also gives us the opportunity to make predictions about the near and further future. Data tells a story, and we at Statting try to extract the story from the data in an understandable, but scientific way.

"If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough."
- Albert Einstein, Physicist


Statting engages itself to achieve predefined goals with companies and public services concerning data-analysis and data-management.

We provide reliable and complete solution to research questions of any kind.

Statting will always report in a clear and understandable way that fits your specific needs.

We are dedicated to deliver insightful advice and develop solutions that add real value to your project.

“When we have all data online it will be great for humanity. It is a prerequisite to solving many problems that humankind faces.”

- Robert Cailliau, Belgian informatics engineer


Handling complex problems

Not all solutions are obvious. Statting helps you to make sure you keep seeing the forest through the trees.

Our expertise

Story telling

Making your data understandable

Statting empowers your data to give away its deepest secrets.


Preparing your analysis

Preparation is the key to perform excellent statistical analysis. Statting offers statistical analysis plan (SAP) development in which the flow of the analysis is set beforehand. We take the necessary steps to optimize the process of the statistical analysis (eg. clinical trial registration, ethical clearance), and we offer advise regarding any data-analytical problem.

Statistical Programming

Statistical programming is often part of a good statistical plan. Automated creation of a report, predictions based on newly observed data, and connecting and handling of multiple datasets are only a few examples in which statistical programming is at the essence of good practice. At Statting we have experience with scripting in R, SPSS and SAS.

Data management and analysis

The art of summarising and understanding data lies in appropriate data models. Statting offers a diverse range of techniques to analyse your data and make predictions. These techniques include, amongst other things, basic statistical descriptive testing, prediction models (eg. logistic regression, ridge regression, general linear models), and big data (PCA, MDS, and Machine Learning).

Problem solving

Finding proper solutions

Every problem at Statting is identified as an opportunity the find the most suitable solution.


Robby De Pauw, Life Sciences

Robby De Pauw,

"Founder Statting, Statistician"

is holder of a Master's degree in Statistical data analysis and got his PhD-student in Health Sciences, in which he specialised in different statistical techniques. He has experience in providing statistical advise to tackle multiple problems. He (co-)authored different peer-reviewed articles in international journals.


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